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All American Heroes and Dr. Who!

I am thrilled to share these latest pictures I received.  
The first is from a client who wanted Captain America costumes for her kiddos.  The boys costumes I have made before but the girl's costume is my latest success.  It is made from a blue satin and red cotton dress adorned with a white star and a separate red tulle skirt attached to a red and white felt belt.  Then I gave her the same mask, cuffs, and shield as her brothers.  I love how they all turned out and am always happy to see smiling faces.  Thank you heroes for all your hard work at saving the planet.

Next, I was asked by a different client to make a couple of characters from Dr. Who.  First, let me say I am not familiar with Dr. Who so I was a bit apprehensive, but thanks to the wonderful Internet I was able to find some excellent pictures for reference.  So here is what I created....Cyber Man and Judoon.  I am really looking forward to creating gladiator type costumes inspired by Judoon (the Rhino).

Thanks to all the w…

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