New Costume Collections!

Let yours kids imagination run wild with the new collection at Julie Marie Kids.  
Now your little ones can run around pretending to be a brave king, beautiful fairy, or a majestic bird.  

The Royal Collection:

Every King, Queen, Prince, and Princess need their very own royal robe and crown.  Each robe is made from crushed panne and is adorned with a trim fit for royalty.  This particular robe was done in a rich deep purple crushed panne with gold trim accents and ribbon.  
No royal is complete without their very own crown.  Crowns are made from either a shiny gold or sliver material and lined in felt.  Jewels are hand sewn on to add that extra touch and they Velcro in the back for easy on/off.

The Fairy Collection:

Beautiful fairies flutter around while wearing these delicate chiffon wings and custom made floral felt crowns.  The wings come in a variety of colors from pastel pink to deep fuchsia or light blue to aqua.  The crowns are made from various colors of felt coordinated to the wings or a particular theme.  For example a crown of leaves for an autumn party.

Bird Wings:

The birdies gather in these majestic eco-friendly felt wings.  Wings come in various colors and you can add a one of kind mask to complete the look.  

These particular wings were made to resemble a peacock.  A royal blue and aqua were used for the main feathers and a deeper teal was used for accent feathers throughout.



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