A Little About Me

Fabric, Family, and My Connection to the Earth are my passions in life.

I am a mother of two beautiful kids, Lily and Smith and wife to my wonderful husband David.  Their smiles and encouragement are what keep me going.  The simple sound of my children's laughter gives me hope and the strength to pursue my dreams, despite the many challenges.  David is a constant support system who always stands behind my decisions despite how crazy they may be.  He is my rock and my best friend.  Without him I would have never had the strength to start my online business, which is where my passion for fabric comes into play.

The simple joy of walking into a fabric store and choosing from all the wonderful textures, colors, and patterns inspire each and every one of my creations.  I love to create children's costumes, fashion accessories, and home furnishings.  It is amazing how a piece of fabric can be transformed into a wonderful item and loved by that one special person.  I strive to create beautiful products that inspire people, especially children.

I love seeing a child's smile when they put on one of my creations. I hope each costume or cape empowers them and helps them to realize their beauty and strength.  Kids are our future and they need to feel loved and like they can accomplish their dreams. They are my true inspiration.

Finally, over the past few years I have been more and more aware of my connection to everything in life.  I have been studying the web of life and realizing how every action despite how small always affects something else.  We are all connected.  It is important to feel the energy of the earth, feel your connection with every living organism, and make an effort to establish balance each and every day of your life

Find your peace no matter where your path may lead.  Never give up on your dreams and always remember to smile.


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