Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baby Bibs...New Item!

I have decided to start creating bibs for Julie Marie Kids.  I have had this bib cut out for quite some time, but kept debating on whether or not to make it.  Finally, yesterday I pulled it out and thought "how can I make it stand out from the rest of the bibs out there."  So I began drawing the various little animals and finally decided upon the bird, mainly because it was simple and if anyone knows me I love birds.  Well, let me clarify my love of birds...I love bird stuff and viewing them from afar, but once they enter my comfort zone they freak me out.  Those little buggers are so unpredictable.

Anywho, thus the introduction of bibs.  I suppose each bib will have some sort of applique, whether it is an animal, fruit shape, or letter.  Let me know what you think and once I get some posted to my etsy shop I will let everyone know.

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